Optimize Performance with a $79 Tune-up

Remember when your computer was new and shiny and oh-so-fast? That Tech Girl can rejuvenate that machine.

If your machine is slow...slow...slow, you're having random shut-downs or other puzzling issues, your fan is running most of the time, or the machine feels "too hot", it may be time for a spring cleaning.

I'll pick up your computer, tune it up and bring it back to you. I promise you, it will be purring.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Desktop, laptop, Mac, PC - That Tech Girl does it all!

I offer a full range of computer diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades.

No need to pack up and lug your machine - I come to you. I can also pick up your equipment in my lil' hatchback and bring it back to you at no extra charge. Your computer will be in good hands and returned to you safe and sound.

Viruses: If you're getting unexpected pop-ups, slowdowns, crashes, or generally strange behavior - you may have a virus or other malware. I will remove the culprit, then make sure you have the right protective software installed and configured to reduce the chance of it happening again.

Blue Screen of Death: If you've seen it, you know the panic that can set in. Not to worry, That Tech Girl can save the day (and the data).

Hardware: Hardware can fail, components can die. But it doesn't mean all is lost.

Recycling: Be nice to your Mother! Millions of old computer parts, batteries, etc, are dumped into landfills each year. Many of these parts put toxins into the soil. That's why I like to fix it, not pitch it. But when it's time to retire that old machine, I will break it down into useable parts and recyclable parts. Then I will securely wipe all data.

Networks: Make the connection! Wirelessly and securely connect your PC/Laptop/Printer in your home or business.

New Computer Set-up: Purchase advice through migration, That Tech Girl can take of it for you. I can optimize and customize it just for you. You'll have your familiar documents & programs on a new machine. Painless!

Email: Tame your in-box! Get all your email in one place, and still know how to find things.

Upgrades: Should you install the latest operating system? Do you need a bigger hard drive? Would more RAM make sense?

Back-up Plan: Everyone says you should. That Tech Girl will show you how.

Privacy & Security: Are you being followed? Is your data safe and secure? I'll set you up with a reputable antivirus/anti-malware program, encryption if you need it, and make suggestions for safe surfing.

Don't see your problem listed? Let's talk.

I am committed to providing you with my highest level of customer service, at an affordable price. I strive to do right by my customers, community, and environment. I look forward to earning your trust and business.

Serving Northampton, Easthampton, the Hilltowns, and surrounding areas.

That Tech Girl. The Techie You Can Talk To.