Testimonials from Clients

I am so glad I called Annie. She is smart, reliable, and thorough. Annie explained that although she had not worked on my particular operating system (XP) as much as she had others, she was curious and up to the challenge. She did research and consulted with colleagues and fixed my problem, to my delight. Whether on the phone, over email, or in person, Annie explained everything she was doing in a way that helped me understand how my computer works. When it came to deleting programs I did not need, Annie made sure I was comfortable with the idea so that I could make an informed decision. Annie also checked back to be sure everything was okay and to see if I had questions. All this for an incredibly reasonable price. I highly recommend That Tech Girl, Annie!

Emilie | Leeds

Some of Annie’s main attributes are her patience; her skill in simplifying the steps I needed to take to learn a particular computer task; her encouragement and compliments when I succeeded on the computer; and most importantly: her calm approach to helping me learn how to use the computer!

Ginny | Belchertown

Annie is a great teacher and very patiently explained everything to me. She answered all my questions thoroughly and provided support as needed after the computer was up and running. I can’t recommend Annie highly enough if you ever need computer work. I hate to admit that I am computer illiterate but it’s the truth and Annie made me feel like I could learn all I needed to learn. Her patience and calm manner even in a high stress situation are outstanding.

Don’t continue to struggle with computer messes, hire Annie to make your life easier; it is well worth it.

Dr. Ellen Wolk | Waltham, MA

I am one of those people who does not understand the techie world. I am a slow learner and need to be led step by step through the electronic maze. I have found another wonderful, very kind and patient soul to guide me through this process. Her name is Annmarie Clattenburg. She is "That Tech Girl."

As far as I am concerned, Annie is a techie genius. Any questions I have, she knows the answer. Any technological worries I have, she has a way to deal with them. She is a great listener, is extraodinarily kind and decent and goes out of her way to be helpful. She has spent much time and care updating my website. She has worked on my computer. When I am ready for it, she has agreed to train me.

I am so pleased to recommend Annie. If you are a techie novice as I am, and need guidance as you make your way through your own technological maze, Annmarie Clattenburg, That Tech Girl, will show you the way.

Deborah | Williamsburg

I have been very pleased with Annmarie’s services – from setup to detailed instructions on the use of my Mac. I’d recommend her with great confidence!

Alice | Ashland, MA