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Is the fast-paced world of technology leaving you behind? Feel like it's just too much trouble? No need to feel overwhelmed - That Tech Girl can help!

Whether you're new to computers, or want to give PowerPoint presentations like a pro, I'll get you up to speed so you can start using technology to your advantage. I will work with you one-on-one to develop your knowledge and confidence. My lessons provide exactly what you want to learn, giving you special attention and a personal touch.

Computers 101: You have a computer but you find the terminology confusing. I can explain the desktop, icons, menus, windows, and much more.

Email: Want to manage your email better? I help you tame your inbox, so you can find what you need, minimize junk mail, deal with attachments, so your email is a help, not a hindrance.

Social Networking: Got something to share? Let's set up a blog, get started with Facebook or Twitter. Learn the ins and outs of social networking.

Organizing Files and Folders: If your desktop is cluttered and you're having trouble finding what you need, talk to me. Your computer will run a bit faster, too.

Microsoft Office: Want to learn how to really use Word, Excel, Powerpoint? I can help!

Contact me and let me know what you want to learn!